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Grass-Fed Beef

Several times a year, SpringWood Organic Farm is proud to offer to the public pastured beef from our organic grass-dairy cattle. This is 100% organic, grass-fed, zero-grain beef.

Ordering Details

  • Fill out the form on this page to place your order! We will make our best attempt to reply to your order to confirm and give you the next planned slaughter date. If you place an order, but don’t receive a confirmation with a slaughter date from us within a week of ordering, use this page to contact us.
  • We will email you instructions – likely the day of the next scheduled slaughter – to contact the butcher to discuss your cutting and packaging choices. An invoice for the balance due will be sent the day before beef is ready for pickup. You will pay the butcher separately for his services.
  • You are ordering a quarter, half, or whole of a cow that hasn’t been slaughtered yet, so we can’t give you an exact weight yet, but the typical range is 400-650 pounds with 500 lbs being a good average.
  • We charge based on the hanging carcass weight; the actual number of pounds of meat you take home is usually 65-75% of the hanging weight. That means an average 500lb cow will yield about 350 pounds of meet.

Advantages of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef has been shown to have numerous health benefits Рincluding fewer calories per pound of beef consumed, more healthy fats, and higher levels conjugated linoleic acid. As a result, its safer for your heart, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and can reduce your risk of heart disease!

Our Cows

Springwood Farms is primarily a dairy operation, so our beef offerings are from dairy breed cows. This enables us to offer you the same excellent grass-fed taste at a bit lower price than Angus or similar breeds. However, you may notice slightly less tenderness in some of the cuts compared to a premium Angus cut. As well, our cows are generally on the smaller side, so a 1/4 or 1/2 cow may be fewer pounds. ¬†It goes without saying that a healthy and well conditioned (fat) dairy cow will both make more and healthier beef as well milk. So we try our best to feed our cows and care for them in a way that they do really well. But dairy breeds do tend to put more of their feed energy into milk instead of meat so that’s why they tend to be smaller and maybe bit less tender on average. But our price is lower accordingly.