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Allan Savory is coming to Lancaster PA September 19, 2018!

We are posting this info to provide broader access to this valuable opportunity to hear a man who has had a large impact on the grazing world in positive way. Below is the main text from the attached PDF of the event flier. The signup deadline is only a few days away so sign up now! Please print the PDF and tear off the bottom section with your information filled out and place in the mail by 9/10/18 to get the best price on this worthy event.

The physical address of this event is:
352 Martindale Rd
Ephrata, PA 17522

Dear Southeast Pa Graziers and Supporters,
The Lancaster Grazers Group, is excited to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Allan Savory tell his life story in an all-day presentation in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 at the Martindale Reception Center in Ephrata, PA. Registration begins at 6 AM. The conference will commence at 8AM and run to 4PM. Registration fee is $75.00. See more info and form below
Mr. Savory, from Victory Falls, Zimbabwe, wild life biologist and former farmer, is a cofounder of the Savory Institute, which is a driving force in the Holistic Management approach to landscape management and diversi cation. The Savory Institute has helped countless farmers and ranchers around the world come to an understanding of how their management impacts the healing or destruction of the land on which we live and all creatures of the earth with whom we live.
The Lancaster Graziers Group has asked Mr. Savory to come to Lancaster to share with us about himself, his inspirations, his successes, his failures, and ultimately how he came to creating his holistic approach to land management. This is basically for most a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to learn from him.
Also speaking will be Chris Kirsten who has worked for the institute and is a facilitator for Allan. Chris will be speaking on how the Holistic resource management works and why, making it clear what the Savory Institute is and does, and how they are endeavor to make farms and ranches successful.
More about Allan Savory, Founder and President of Savory Institute:
Allan Savory, born in Zimbabwe pursued an early career as a research biologist and game ranger in the British Colonial Service of what was then Northern Rhodesia (today Zambia) and later as a farmer and game rancher in Zimbabwe.
In the 1960s, he made a signi cant breakthrough in understanding what was causing the degradation and deserti cation of the world’s grassland ecosystems and, as a resource management consultant, worked with numerous managers on four continents to develop sustainable solutions.
Savory’s book, Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision-Making (Island Press, 1999), describes his effort to nd workable solutions ordinary people could implement to overcome many of the problems besetting communities and businesses today.
A TED talk Savory gave in 2013 has received over 3.4 million views and in 2014 was voted one of the 50 most intriguing TED talks of all time. This talk catapulted Allan into the limelight on environmental concerns. The Savory Institute is one of 11 nalists in the Virgin Earth Challenge, a $25 million initiative for the successful commercialization of ways of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and keeping them out with no countervailing impacts.
Chris Kerston, Director of Events and Public Outreach:
Chris Kerston ranched full time for nearly 15 years before joining the Savory Institute. With a longstanding passion for regenerative agricultural and better food distribution systems, Chris has dedicated his life to helping connect growers with consumers in ways that create synergistic value for both sides. With formal training and instinctive talent, Chris utilizes media in concert with traditional marketing techniques to help ranchers share their stories and build long lasting relationships with partners based upon common goals.
We at Lancaster County Graziers invite you to support this event with your attendance and not miss the opportunity to learn from masters in the science of grazing and improving soil and the environment.